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Branding & Digital Marketing 101

About This Course

Come to this live class all the way in Nigeria as we explore everything from Color Psychology to general Branding and Digital Marketing. This class is for entrepreneurs and leaders who have brands. 



1 Lesson / Lifetime Access

What are the 2 approaches to branding. 

We will take a dive into the concept of color psychology and which colors dominate certain industries. We also talk about how audiences respond to various color schemes.

We will discuss the GRIOT method. This is a method of story telling or story gathering to help a brand or individual to prepare to share their brand story publicly. 

We will discuss the importance of every business or individual in having a personal brand tagline as a beacon to stay on course of their brand story. 

We will discuss what is needed to begin building a brand. 

We will learn about the main facets of digital marketing and the steps to achieve successful marketing in general.

We will discuss the 3-4 pillars of social media that could impact your audience and how to decide which pillars to use. 


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What to Expect

$147 / Until February 2023

This Course Include