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Do It Yourself PR 101

About This Course

For the leaders and professionals who are trying to expand their knowledge and know-how to do their own PR. Public Relations is an expensive investment and if you know how to do the basics yourself. You will thrive!



4 Lessons / 1 Year Access

We explore the 5 functions of public relations and what careers operate into each function. We also explore the meaning behind your brand and storyline. 

We will explore the following:

  • Power of a name or a brand
  • Where do you want to be seen?
  • The process of PR

We will explore the following:

  • The media –what are they looking for
  • How to approach the media
  • Selling yourself - the essentials

We will explore the following:

  • PR Inreach
  • Pitch Emails and Ready Resources
  • Using Your Social Media


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What to Expect

$597 / Until February 2023

This Course Include