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Public Relations is Everything.

Are you a  leader, influencer, small business owner, or non profit executive who is ready to learn how to do your own PR? Are you ready to gain knowledge and skills in this evolving industry? Are you ready to supplement your journalism and communication skills?

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PR Courses

Explore the starter online courses, new courses will launch every quarter!

Public Relations (PR) is what will break through the noise of social media and underwhelming marketing. As a leader, become the go-to subject matter expert in your industry to attract the right clients, donors, or partners. Learn what it takes to get noticed through television, radio, and media that will elevate your brand quickly. Come and learn the steps to doing your own PR and get ready to shine.

If you are a business owner, a leader, a subject matter expert, an influencer, author, artist or anyone who seeks to be SEEN and HEARD for your work… this is the course for you to attend! Why: Because you are tired of not being seen and heard by the med. Because you are a Subject Matter Expert who has something valuable to share with the public and social media just isn’t cutting it, you need media validation. Because you are ready to shine!

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Years Of Experience

Why did we create this platform?

Empower Organizations, PR is Expensive

Many businesses can not readily afford a PR professional. This is a way to empower them to do their own in an inexpensive way.

Gap in the Industry

After 17 years in the industry it became apparent that there needed to be more trained public relations professionals

Schools aren't Equipped

Unfortunately many universities couple PR with Communications or Journalism and they are not truly teaching practical strategy and application to their students.

Which course is right for you?

Much of the courses content is relative and most of it is similar in information, however it is taught to fit the audience directly. 

*These courses are rolling out every quarter in 2023. 

You should probably enroll in either the Do It Yourself PR course or the Do It Yourself PR Extended Course. It will give you strategic and practical knowledge for connecting with the press.

The course that is for you will be the *"PR Strategy for Non Profits" course. Here we will explore strategy and know how for setting the stage to tell your story, linking with the right media and organizations and the basics of community relations. 

The *Do It Yourself Extended and the *PR for University Students could work for you! 

The *PR for University Students will work for you! It will give you more background on PR, media, corporate relations, community relations, crisis management and general strategy ideation.

If so then you should take the *Social Media & PR Strategy courses for businesses. It will give you step by step instruction for branding, planning and activating your social media and Public Relations strategy.

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Courses and Counting

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Courses and Counting

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New Class a Quarter

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Phoenix Jackson

Publicist/Communications Executive

Experienced Teacher

Phoenix is the Founder of Phoenix Affect, a 17-year-old global public relations, communications, and business development firm. She has worked with many small business owners, non-profits, professional athletes, entertainers, authors, speakers, politicians, NGOs, government entities and more, helping them to manifest their desired outcomes in business. Phoenix takes pride in working with forward thinking, private and public entities ensuring a positive and impactful outcome for the people that they serve. “Moving the human collective forward” is her aim with every project and idea that her firm embarks on. Her clients have included Oprah’s “All Time Favorite Guest” International Humanitarian Dr. Tererai Trent and the Tererai Trent International Foundation, Working Minds – Carson J Spencer Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Dr. Vincent Harding (Martin Luther King Jr’s speech writer and humanitarian), Denver Housing Authority, NFL Legend Champ Bailey, and more. 

Public Relations starts and ends with a story...

Dive into our curriculum to learn how to properly deal with the media, how to create a perfect press release and so much more!